Marquee Jacks and Trolleys


Due to the fact that some of our structures are side lifted frames, we designed and manufactured a jack to aid in their lifting.

This not only helps to speed up the lifting process but adds to the safety and ease of the build up.

After the roof section of the frame has been assembled at ground level, the portable jacks are positioned next to the frame and the steel hook located around the frames eave joint or purlin by using the braked winch the frame is hoisted to the required height for the easy attachment of the frames legs.

Once the legs are in position the winch is released and the jacks are removed. This is done the opposite way round to lower the frame down for dismantling.

As with all of Crockers equipment, the tent jacks have been manufactured to a high safety pecification and tested in accordance to all current legislation. All steel parts have been plated to eliminate rusting. Aluminium is used where possible to allow for easier handling and all the moving parts have been manufactured on needle-roller bearings to allow for smoother running and prolonged life.

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Marquee Jack
Marquee Jack
Marquee Jack
Marquee Jack